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Cavalier Treff
Hi and welcome to our Cavalier web pages!
We live in the southern part of Norway in a small town named Nodeland, located about 15 km west of Kristiansand.

Our first dog came to us in 1977 and was a black Labrador Retriever named Mister. Mister was a very gentle guy but he loved to go on adventures with his best friend Guy (my Moms Lab). Mister and Guy were almost the same age and had lots of fun together when we visited each other. We lived in the Northern part of Norway when we got Mister and helped start And´┐Żya Hundeklubb (a dog club). Mister died way to early of cancer, almost 6 years old - we still miss him dearly.

After a while we decided to get a new Lab but this time we wanted a Lady and that was her name. Lady was a yellow Lab and we hoped some day to have a litter from her. But it wasn't meant to be - we found out she had Moderate HD (Hip Displasia), but luckily she didn't have any problems with her hips until she was about 12 years old. Then she started to get a little stiff in her back legs and couldn't go on very longs walks anymore. She reached a good old age of over 14 years. Lady was special in many ways and there probably won't be another dog quite like her. Our 4 children had the pleasure of growing up with her and we all miss her very much.

As Lady got older we decided we wanted a smaller dog next time and we started to study the smaller breeds. After discovering Cavalier King Charles Spaniels - you might say that they have taken over our lives. Little did we know at the time how they would change our lives. ;-) We had planned on having just two at first but as many people have found out Cavaliers can be very addictive and the numbers have grown. Much of our spare time is spent at dog shows or other dog related activities.   

All our dogs used for breed are tested free for Mitral Valve Disease, eye problems and slipping patella's. They are also DNA tested for EF and CCS tested or are free by inheritance. We are members of the Norwegian Cavalier Club, the Swedish Cavalier Club, the Danish Cavalier Club and The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club (UK).

  Edelhaven'S CKCS @ 2005
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